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Lymphedema & Venous Insufficiency Treatment

  • AIROS 6
    AIROS 6

    6-chamber Sequential Compression Device delivering gradient sequential compression. Also has two Lymphedema Preparation Treatment Modes. Reimbursed by Medicare (E0651) & commercial insurance.

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  • AIROS 8
    AIROS 8

    8-chamber Sequential Compression Device featuring two gradient sequential compression modes and two Lymphedema Preparation Treatment Modes. Reimbursed by Medicare (E0652) & commercial insurance.

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  • Compression Garments
    Compression Garments

    Durable, comfortable garments available in 22 sizes for lower and upper extremity treatment. Utilized with our AIROS 6 and AIROS 8 devices to move lymphatic fluid, increase blood flow, and enhance patient mobility.

    Leg & Arm Garments

    Arm Plus Garments

How AIROS Can Help You

Our team of medical technology designers, engineers, quality control experts, and clinical advisors collaborate to develop devices designed to drive positive patient outcomes.

Have you been diagnosed with lymphedema or venous complications? Do you have swelling in your arms or legs as a result of cancer treatment? Learn how at-home compression pump therapy prescribed by your doctor can help you feel better.
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Our entire team understands the challenges facing Durable Medical Equipment suppliers. Our 6-chamber and 8-chamber devices are reliable, cost-effective, and designed to provide effective therapy to help your patients and your providers. We also concentrate on offering outstanding service and support to help drive DME success.
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Our experience working with various types of medical professionals has taught us that patient compliance is crucial to positive outcomes. Learn about the conditions our devices help treat and how we designed our products with patients and clinicians in mind.
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Conditions We Help Treat

Our line of Sequential Compression Devices and associated garments are engineered to treat primary and secondary lymphedema, Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), and other conditions – including those related to complications from cancer treatment.

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Conditions We Help Treat

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How Lymphedema Treatments help the Lymphatic System
September 28, 2022

How Lymphedema Treatments help the Lymphatic System

Swelling in the legs or arms may be diagnosed as lymphedema, causing fluid to back up and build up in an area. Swelling and edema are commonly treated with compression garments, manual lymphatic drainage, pneumatic pumps, and exercises. These conservative treatments help move fluid out of the area and help avoid swelling from building back […]

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