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Have you been diagnosed with lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency? Have you or a loved one undergone breast cancer surgery recently? Have you been written a script for a pneumatic compression pump from your doctor? If so, we invite you to learn more about our advanced, hospital-grade compression pumps that are helping patients across America live more comfortably, be more mobile, and feel better.

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Arm Plus Garments


Our team has decades of experience working with patients who have chronic lymphedema and venous complications. And we work with Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies across the country to manage physicians’ scripts, billing, and in-home service and product set-up.

Working with us gives you access to:

  • Proven Medical Technology: Pneumatic compression has been around for decades, and can help patients like you increase mobility, relieve pain, and live a more comfortable life.
  • Personalized Care at Home: You can utilize our technology in the comfort of your own home.
  • Products Reimbursed by Insurance: Did you know that compression therapy devices and garments are covered by Medicare and most commercial insurance companies?

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Arm Plus Garments

Top Technology


  • 2 Device Options: AIROS 6 (6 chambers) & AIROS 8 (8 chambers)
  • Reimbursed by Medicare (HCPCS Codes E0651 & E0652) and commercial insurance
  • Lymphedema Preparation Treatment (LPT) Modes: Optional modes used before gradient sequential therapy include Clearing Mode (mimics manual lymphatic drainage) & Focal Mode (targeted compression in 3-4 chambers breaks up fibrotic tissue)
  • Built-in usage tracking timer to measure and drive patient compliance
  • Easy operation: Large, clear LCD screen and one-button operation for starting and stopping therapy
  • Easy removal: Vacuum-driven deflation makes removing garments simple


  • Upper & lower extremity models
  • 16 6-chamber garment sizes: Full Leg, Half Leg, Full Arm & Arm Plus (arm/shoulder/chest/back)
  • 14 8-chamber garment sizes: Full Leg, Full Arm & Arm Plus (arm/shoulder/chest/back)
  • Reimbursed by Medicare & commercial insurance
  • Arm Plus: Treats breast cancer-related lymphedema and can be put on and taken off easily without help, driving compliance
  • Pull handles & O-ring zippers for ease of application
  • Durable, comfortable material is easy to clean

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Downloads Available

Downloads Available

Please take a look through these brochures, which outline our lower extremity and upper extremity compression therapy products.

Lower Extremity Lymphatic & Venous Disorder Brochure

Upper Extremity Lymphedema & Breast Cancer Brochure

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