Our team at AIROS Medical is comprised of healthcare industry veterans who have developed relationships with physicians and clinicians in various specialties.

We have worked with vascular surgeons, podiatrists, artery and vein specialists, cardiologists, physical therapists, lymphedema therapists, wound care professionals, and others.

We understand that when it comes to medical devices, and treatment in general, patient compliance is vital to success and outcomes. Our goal is ultimately to help patients suffering from chronic diseases live a better quality of life.

Conditions Treated

We specialize in designing, engineering, and manufacturing devices that specifically utilize compression therapy to treat patients suffering from lymphedema, Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), and other venous complications.

This includes lymphedema that patients diagnosed with breast cancer need help managing after radiation and other treatments.

We value our relationships with healthcare providers and our ability to help various types of physicians and medical personnel treat chronic conditions.

At-Home Therapy

Our line of Sequential Compression Devices – also known as leg and arm compression pumps – are primarily used at home by patients.

Once patients are prescribed a gradient compression device, they are contacted by a DME supplier who can set the patient up with a pump and sleeves in the comfort of their own homes.

We work to ensure that our network of DME partners are well-versed in lymphedema treatment and our devices so that patients are delivered the correct treatment therapy provided by the clinician.

Intuitive Device Design

We designed our line of compression devices to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to operate.

DME suppliers and healthcare professionals can easily set the device according to the prescribed pressures, modes, and cycle times. And patients need only to press a few buttons each time they need to use the device in order to begin treatment.

Usage Data Feature

We also included a Usage Data feature that keeps track of how often patients are utilizing the devices.


Learn more about how our products work, including videos that provide operational tutorials.

Please contact us immediately if you have any questions about our devices, the conditions we treat, or any other matters.